Trailer of the Week – “Win Win”

So I figured Two Guys, One Movie would start a little “trailer of the week” post since I love watching movie trailers. There is something about them that is so creative and, if done well, so enticing. It’s not easy to make a good trailer; most of them either give away too much information or are just a compilation of random sound bites (see: “The Tourist” trailer). The music is just as important as the visuals, sometimes more as people will remember the song and try to look it up after they see the trailer, bringing more awareness to the actual film.

I’ll go more into the art of creating a trailer as this series progresses. For now, click past the jump for this week’s TotW: “Win Win”, starring Paul Giamiatti.

(Make sure to play in HD)


  1. Auger says:

    dear two guys,

    thank you for giving me an hour to chill out during the work week, I don’t mind listening to you guys talk lol. Bracco did do a good job on your website, PS – his logo goes to his twitter ; )

  2. Justin says:

    Just a note: I told you about this movie.

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