Trailer of the Week – “Super 8”

Another installment of Trailer of the Week? Yes! We’ll be doing this weekly, if you couldn’t gather that. Last week we had a very small budget film featured as the TotW, and this week seems to be the complete opposite. “Super 8” is produced by Stevey Spielberg and directed by JJ Abrams, who’s films have included “Star Trek” and “MI:3″…not exactly cheap films. Having a big budget doesn’t mean a great trailer is a given, though.

This particular trailer is a pretty good example of showing us some main players and giving us just a little bit of the plot, something we expected from Abrams (having produced “Cloverfield”). The trailer for “Super 8” leaves us wanting more but, unfortunately, it looks like we’re gonna have to wait to get a good glimpse of that mysterious monster. Check out the trailer!


  1. Justin Dubin says:

    This by far is my most anticipated movie of the next year

  2. Brian Lake says:

    this. looks. amazing.

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