Trailer of the Week – “Rubber”

And we’re back with the Trailer of the Week for…um, this week. Every day, dozens of trailers premier and it’s up to me to wade through some of the most horribly cut-together trailers you’ll ever see. I know of some people who don’t even watch trailers because they like to go into a film knowing absolutely nothing about the film. I don’t believe in that; sometimes I like to go into a film having watched the trailer numerous times, as it’s fun to go through a movie wondering when that scene in the trailer is coming. Sometimes, though, they never show! Many scenes in trailers are cut or altered in the finished film. Anchorman was extremely guilty of this, as they had shot hours of unused footage and decided to use it in the trailer. Ironman 2 and Predators are recent offenders of this now popular trend of “trailer trickery”…yes, that’s what I am going to call it.

Anyways, this week’s trailer, Rubber, is a little different. The main character of the film is a tire. Yes, a tire. The trailer obviously does not have many words in it because of this reason, however you still gain a sense of what the film is about while not finding out too much. The film looks like a fun little Grindhouse flick that should appeal to the male demo.

For those of you worried about being spoiled in a movie trailer, don’t fret, the trailer for Rubber seems to be spoiler-free.


  1. Alec says:

    I saw this movie last week and it was really awesome. Not what you would expect at all, but still thoroughly enjoyable. The parts featuring the tire easily steal the movie, but the best quality of the film is it’s self-awareness in association to the larger plot that’s going on.
    I would highly recommend it to fans of art-house cinema, but it’s certainly not for everyone.

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