Trailer of the Week – “Green Lantern”

The first trailer for Martin Campbell’s “Green Lantern” was met with so much hate that Warner Brothers didn’t release another shred of marketing until Wonder Con ’11. There, they unleashed 8 minutes of footage that was met with much acclaim. Obviously, they jumped on these good vibes and cut another trailer that has the same tone and vibe as the Wonder Con footage. The effects look good (for the most part), the acting (and voice acting) looks solid enough, but I am getting a sense of the tone of the film from these trailers that is worrisome. It seems as though they are going for a very serious film with “Green Lantern”. Sure, the trailer could just be cut this way, if that’s how the finished product is going to be, then I don’t know how well received it’ll end up. The great thing about “Thor” was that Branagh knew a lot of the material was silly; that worked to the films advantage. In “Green Lantern”, a lot of the footage  and characters look pretty laughable, at least to someone who doesn’t know the Lantern lore. All I am remembering from the trailer is the amount of disproportionately large heads in the second half; it was kind of distracting. If the tone of the film matches the tone of this new trailer (which is a nicely done trailer, for the most part), then they may have a problem on their hands.

Sure, the trailer is good, it’s dramatic, and shows off a ton of action, but how will it translate to a 2 hour film? We will have to wait and see. All I know is there cannot be many girls out there who want to see this film, especially after seeing this second trailer. I feel like the first trailer was trying to be more generic for all audiences, WB saw it backfire, and have now given up and are showing us how “alien” the Green Lantern world really is. They are essentially catering to the nerds and are hoping women will come see the flick for Ryan Reynolds.

Check out the trailer after the break: 

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