Trailer of the Week – “Cowboys & Aliens”

I bet some of you predicted this would be the TotW this week. I wasn’t so sure after watching the trailer for “Cowboys and Aliens” for the first time. It seemed like your run-of-the-mill action film trailer; it reminded me of the trailer for “Iron Man 2”, which I didn’t like very much. But, after watching this trailer a second time, I came to like it very much. I starting noticing things that got me very excited for the film, which is the point of a trailer, after all! Little snippets of information are given to us but nothing is revealed too much. The one thing I am very curious/worried about is the part of the trailer where is looks like the towns folk are surrounding a naked Olivia Wilde. What the fuck is going on there? Is she¬†possessed? Has a portion of the town broken away from the rest of the group? Sure, a nude Olivia Wilde is fine by me, but where does that fit in with an alien invasion? We shall see. Another couple of things to note: I am not a fan of the generic rock song throughout the trailer (is that an actual song?). Also, the part of the trailer where we see a flashback of Daniel Craig with some woman getting abducted is kind of ridiculous. A flashback in a trailer? Seriously? Let us just see that in the film…I doubt that little clip of backstory is going to be the difference between someone seeing the movie or not. Either way, the trailer for “Cowboys & Aliens” has me excited for the film and is worth a look for the generic action eye-candy. Trailer after the jump.

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