Special Episode: We Rank Every Movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Ahead of “Avengers: Endgame” we rank EVERY SINGLE MOVIE in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! All 20 films, ranked from Worst to Best. From “Iron Man” to “Thor”, “Guardians of the Galaxy” to “Captain America: Civil War”, we rank them ALL! One of us definitely shocks with our ranking of “Avengers: Infinity War”, to say the least…



  1. Chris B says:

    Winter Soldier & GOTG are 1A & 1B for me. In addition, Winter Soldier is one of the best action movies ever made in general. GOTG was so much fun and not anything of what I expected it to be going into it. Iron man 3 is the worst Marvel movie ever made. Tony is barely in the suit, the kid plot is lame, they used a FAKE Mandarin who is one of the best Marvel villains created, the real bad guy was terrible, and too much Pepper who is horrible. Also think Black Panther and Captain Marvel were not good and vastly overrated for political reasons.

    • Justin Dubin says:

      There is no way that Iron Man 2 is better than Iron Man 3 so to claim that 3 is the worst film ever is soooooo wrong. Iron man 2 was beyond disappointing. The plot was a mess, there were too many bad guys, and add in the hype after the first Iron Man, it just did not deliver

    • Matt Galo says:

      Well it looks like we agree here!