Episode #219 – “Get Out”

Get Out

“Get out!” That must have been the reaction studio execs gave Jordan Peele when he told them he wanted to direct a horror film and not a comedy. But he’s the one laughing now, because “Get Out” is a bonafide hit! We go in-depth on Peele’s directorial debut this week, talking about the film’s message and the super-crazy ending. We also talk about what we’ve been watching, including “Edge of Seventeen” and move on to discuss the epic mess that was the Oscars. Tune in!

00:00 – What we’ve been watching

06:57 – Oscars recap

23:11 – Main review of “Get Out”

33:17 – Spoilers for “Get Out”


Oscars Special 2017

Oscars 2017

It’s almost here! The best day of the year! Hollywood’s finest all getting together in one room to congratulate each other with gold statuettes…and I’m a total sucker for it all. Will “La La Land” sweep the show? Will there be a few upsets here and there? We talk about some of the biggest categories and give our predictions…so tune in for our Oscars special!


Episode #218 – “John Wick: Chapter 2” & “The LEGO Batman Movie”

John Lego

It’s HERE. After completely capturing our hearts with 2014’s “John Wick”, Keanu Reeves is back as the legendary hitman in “John Wick: Chapter 2”. The body count is higher, the locales are more exotic, and yes, there’s a dog. We also go in-depth on “The LEGO Batman Movie”, the Batman movie some are saying is the best in the last 12 months (super-shade). Tune in for two fun reviews!

00:00 – Main review of “John Wick: Chapter 2”

21:05 – Spoilers for “John Wick: Chapter 2”

32:14 – Review of “The LEGO Batman Movie”


Episode #217 – “Hacksaw Ridge” & “Hidden Figures”

Hacksaw Figures

This week we tackle two Oscar contenders! Both “Hacksaw Ridge” and “Hidden Figures” are nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards, meaning these should be some of the best films we’ve seen in a long time! Does that stand true? Tune in to find out as we go in-depth on both of these period-piece films!

04:40 – Review of “Hacksaw Ridge”

23:00 – Review of “Hidden Figures”


Episode #216 – “xXx: Return of Xander Cage”

Xander Cage

Xander Cage is back! But did anyone want him? Well, someone talked Vin Diesel into showing up for another “xXx” movie and the world is a worse place for it. This movie is not good. But why not listen to us tear it apart? This week we also talking about what we’ve been watching, including “The Mick” and “Sneaky Pete”, and move on to discuss the title of “Star Wars Episode VIII”. Tune in!

00:00 – What we’ve been watching

09:16 – Discussing “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”

17:00 – Review of “xXx: Return of Xander Cage”


Episode #215 – “Moonlight”


We’re back with yet another review of an Oscar favorite! “Moonlight”, directed by Barry Jenkins, is grabbing a lot of attention for its story and the actors who bring it to life. It’s unlike any other film we’ve seen in a while and is definitely going to be in the race for Best Picture. We also talk about what we’ve been watching, including “This Is Us” and “Gods of Egypt”, before moving on to discuss the controversy surrounding the new film “A Dog’s Purpose”. Tune in!

00:00 – What we’ve been watching

9:23 – “A Dog’s Purpose” controversy

16:00 – Main review of “Moonlight”

29:06 – Spoilers for “Moonlight”


Episode #214 – “La La Land”

La La Land

You’ve heard all the buzz about Damien Chazelle’s latest film, “La La Land”, now tune in for our in-depth review! We talk the dancing, the singing, and the beautiful chemistry between Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. We also talk about what we’ve been watching, including “Black Mirror” and “Weiner”, before moving on to talk about Netflix and the stranglehold it has on the industry!

00:00 – What we’ve been watching

10:50 – Chatting about Netflix

19:15 – Main review of “La La Land”

37:45 Spoilers for “La La Land”



Our Favorite Movies of 2016


We’re nearing the end of 2016 and boy, it’s been a wild one. Some really high highs in the movie world and some really low lows. This week we talk about our absolute favorite and least favorite films of the year. Some of the choices are surprising and some, well, you could see coming from a mile away. Tune in for a good time and let us know what you loved and hated this year!


Episode #213 – “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”

Rogue One A Star Wars Story

A BIG show this week! The first “Star Wars” spinoff (of what is likely to be many) is here and we couldn’t be more excited! This is a very important film for Disney…so how did it pan out? We go in-depth on the story of Jyn Erso and her ragtag group of rebels trying to take down the Death Star. We’re joined by friend of the show Phil Dunphy so it’s definitely a great time! Tune in!

00:00 – Main review of “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”

39:00 – Spoilers for “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”


Episode #212 – “Manchester by the Sea” & “Nocturnal Animals”

Manchester Animals

We’re knee-deep in Oscar season and playing catchup! This week we take on two films in the awards conversation. The first one is Sundance darling “Manchester of the Sea”. Feel-good movie of 2016! Casey Affleck getting a whole lot of buzz for his performance in this Boston bawla. We also review “Nocturnal Animals”, Tom Ford’s second film. It’s sexy and stylish…but is it a success? Tune in for our reviews!

00:00 – Main review of “Manchester by the Sea”

21:13 – Spoilers for “Manchester by the Sea”

26:40 – Main review of “Nocturnal Animals”

46:08 – Spoilers for “Nocturnal Animals”