Episode #229 – “Wonder Woman”

Wonder Woman

It’s time for another go in the DC Extended Universe! But wait…something seems different about this film. It’s the first time Wonder Woman is in her own live-action movie…and unlike the other DCEU films, there seems to be a bit of humor! Is “Wonder Woman” the movie that will save WB’s fledgling movie universe? We go in-depth on this newest film! Plus, we talk about what we’ve been watching, including “Master of None” season 2 and “The Founder”, and move on to discuss Justin’s experience at one of those full service restaurant movie theaters. Tune in!

00:00 – What we’ve been watching

13:25 – Movie theaters with waiters?!

21:00 – Main review of “Wonder Woman”

39:45 – Spoilers for “Wonder Woman”


Episode #228 – “Alien Covenant”

Alien Covenant

One of our most frustrating reviews came when we discussed (in-depth) Ridley Scott’s 2012 film “Prometheus”. We were left with so many damn questions that we eventually just threw our hands up in the air and said, “Let’s wait for “Prometheus 2!” Well, that moment is here, folks…sort of. “Alien Covenant” is the sequel to “Prometheus” while also trying to please the maniacs who just want an “Alien-style” slasher flick. How does this blended film turn out? Tune in for our review!

00:00 – Main review of “Alien Covenant”

22:28 – Spoilers for “Alien Covenant”


Episode #227 – “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” & “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword”

Guardians of the Sword

\We’re back this with with TWO reviews…both films are in epic in scale and one is epic in quality! The other is “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword”. We kick off the show with an in-depth review of “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2″…has Marvel simply made a clone of the first film or does this one move us forward in their ever-expanding “Cinematic Universe”? We then talk about Guy Ritchie’s new film, “King Arthur” for probably way too long. It’s a weird, crazy film, so if you’ve seen it and need some soothing, you’ve come to the right place!

00:00 – Main review of “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”

19:00 – Spoilers for “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”

36:56 – Review of “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword”


Episode #226 – “Free Fire”

Free Fire

What happens when a weapons deal goes south? Well, a whole lot of shooting, of course. That’s exactly what happens in the new film, “Free Fire”! A bunch of low lives get together for what should be a quick and easy transaction, but it turns out almost all of them are morons with big tempers. A feature-length shootout ensues…but is it any good? Tune in as we discuss! We also talk about what we’ve been watching, including the new Dave Chappelle Netflix specials and “Colossal”, before moving on to discuss our favorite shoot ’em up scenes in cinema.

00:00 – What we’ve been watching

10:25 – Our favorite shoot ’em up scenes

17:41 – Main review of “Free Fire”

31:00 – Spoilers for “Free Fire”


Episode #225 – “Fate of the Furious”

Fate of the Furious

This week we’re all about family. Yes, FAMILY. And why Dom would EVER turn his back on family. It’s a question we needed answered, so we saw “Fate of the Furious”, the 8th film in the “Fast and Furious” franchise. How does it stack up to the last few films (which have been pretty darn amazing)? Tune in as we go in-depth on this adrenaline-filled blockbuster!

00:00 – Main review of “Fate of the Furious”

28:20 – Spoilers for “Fate of the Furious”


Episode #224 – “Moana”


We’re back with a brand new episode but this week our movie isn’t one you’ll find in theaters any longer. Since there was nothing good playing at the local cinema, we’ve decided to review “Moana”! It’s the latest film from Disney Animation…but do they keep up their winning streak with this Hawaiian film? Tune in as we go in-depth on “Moana”. We also talking about what we’ve been watching (and listening to), including S-Town and “Assassin’s Creed”, and move on to discuss the major casting news for “Deadpool 2” and “Fantastic Beasts 2”. Tune in!

00:00 – What we’ve been watching

15:15 – Discussing major casting news

24:10 – Review of “Moana”


Episode #223 – “Power Rangers”


It’s morphin time! The Power Rangers are back and there’s no Ivan Ooze to be found anywhere! It’s been a long, LONG time since the Rangers have been on the big screen, so just about everyone in the 26-32 year old bracket is excited for this new film. Does it do justice to the cheesy TV show we all love and remember? We break it down. We also discuss what we’ve been watching, including “Trail & Error”, before moving on to talk about the new trailer for “Justice League”. Tune in!

00:00 – What we’ve been watching

8:29 – “Justice League” trailer discussion

18:50 – Main review of “Power Rangers”

40:19 – Spoilers for “Power Rangers”


Episode #222 – “Beauty and the Beast”

Beauty and the Beast

We’re back with a huge review of one of the biggest films of the year! Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” is tearing up the box office (no surprise there) so we brought in guest host Amanda Avery to help break down the film! We talk everything from the new songs, how the film differs from the original, and of course hot takes on Le Fou. Tune in for a great episode!


Episode #221 – “Kong: Skull Island”

Kong: Skull Island

“Is that a monkey?” Sure is! Kong is back in a BIG way…big enough to take on Godzilla, because that’s exactly what Warner Brothers has planned for the giant ape. If WB can’t make their comic book universe work, dammit they’re going to make their giant monster shared universe work! “Kong: Skull Island” throws some A-list stars at us along with some great CGI in hopes we don’t realize this is a really expensive B-movie. Does it work? Tune in to find out! We also talk about what we’ve been watching, including “Making History”, and move on to discuss the latest “Game of Thrones” news.

00:00 – What we’ve been watching

06:33 – Latest “Game of Thrones” news

13:55 – Main review of “Kong: Skull Island”

27:30 – Spoilers for “Kong: Skull Island”


Episode #220 – “Logan”


Hugh Jackman’s final turn as Wolverine is here! “Logan” set the box office on fire this weekend, proving R-rated comic book movies really can exist. This movie is not for kids, and the opening 2 minutes makes sure the audience knows that. But does gritty beards and hyper-violence make a good film? Tune in as we break down this latest X-Men spinoff. We also talk about what we’ve been watching, including “Say Anything” and “Sherlock”, and move on to discuss the “Deadpool 2” teaser.

00:00 – What we’ve been watching

09:30 – “Deadpool 2” teaser discussion

15:50 – “Logan” main review

38:57 – Spoilers for “Logan”