Trailer of the Week – “Win Win”

So I figured Two Guys, One Movie would start a little “trailer of the week” post since I love watching movie trailers. There is something about them that is so creative and, if done well, so enticing. It’s not easy to make a good trailer; most of them either give away too much information or are just a compilation of random sound bites (see: “The Tourist” trailer). The music is just as important as the visuals, sometimes more as people will remember the song and try to look it up after they see the trailer, bringing more awareness to the actual film.

I’ll go more into the art of creating a trailer as this series progresses. For now, click past the jump for this week’s TotW: “Win Win”, starring Paul Giamiatti.

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Episode #6 – “Cedar Rapids”

What better way to get through the work week than with a podcast to listen to on the commute? I can’t think of one! This week Justin and Matt discuss what they’ve been watching, which includes “Alien” and “Mad Love”. They move on to discuss the 2011 Oscar nominations, which is always a good time, and they end with an in-depth review of “Cedar Rapids”, starring Ed Helms and John C. Reilly.

00:00 – What we’ve been watching

10:54 – Oscar Nominations

20:50 – Non-spoiler review of “Cedar Rapids”

34:00 – Spoiler section for “Cedar Rapids”



83rd Annual Academy Awards are this weekend – Get your ballot!

It’s that time of year again; the Oscars are upon us. All of the other awards and shows have come and gone and the only one left is the ultimate. Every year I like to sit down with my Oscar ballot and make little check marks next to the names I chose correctly. It’s a little tradition and I would like to provide you with the ballot, too!

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Episode #5 – “The King’s Speech”

Hey everyone! This week on the podcast Matt and Justin talk about what they’ve been watching, including Archer and Louie, move on to discuss the Super Bowl TV spots for upcoming films, and end with an in-depth review of “The King’s Speech”, starring Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush.


Episode #4 – “The Company Men”

Get ready to listen to an excellent episode of Two Guys, One Movie! This week Matt and Justin discuss (as usual) what they’ve been watching, including “Toy Story 3” and “The Warriors”, what their favorite Disney films are, and finish with an in-depth review of “The Company Men”, starring Ben Affleck and Tommy Lee Jones.

00:00 – 12:03: What We’ve Been Watching

12:04 – 20:30: Our Favorite Disney Films

20:31 – 38:59: Main review of “The Company Men”

39:00 – 51:33: Spoilers section of “The Company Men”


Episode #3 – “The Fighter”

This week on the show, Matt and Justin discuss what they’ve been watching, including the Scream trilogy and NBC Thursday Night Comedy, their first R-rated film, and they conclude with a detailed review of David O’Russell’s “The Fighter”, starring Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale.


Episode #2 – “The Green Hornet”

Two Guys, One Movie is back with a review of Seth Rogen’s newest film, “The Green Hornet”. Matt and Justin also talk about what they’ve been watching this week and what their all-time favorite films are, including “The Matrix” and “It’s A Wonderful Life”. Tune in!


Episode #1 – “Black Swan”

Welcome to Two Guys, One Movie! In our first episode ever Justin and I discuss what we’ve been watching, our favorite films of 2010, and give you an in-depth review of “Black Swan”, starring Natalie Portman. Enjoy!