Episode #46 – “The Help”

This week Two Guys, One Movie is putting another notch in the ol’ Oscar belt. That’s right, we’re catching up on yet another film up for Best Picture at this year’s Academy Awards. We’ve heard about Viola Davis’ performance, we’ve seen Octavia Spencer win the Golden Globe; we figured it was time to check out “The Help”. Did the film live up to all of the acclaim it has received? Give this episode a listen and find out! We also discuss what we’ve been watching, including “Jerry Springer” live, and “Jersey Boys” on Broadway, and talk about the new trailers from “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”. The international trailer is embedded below. Enjoy!

00:00 – What we’ve been watching

09:22 – “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” trailer discussion

18:20 – Main review of “The Help”

42:19 – Spoilers section of “The Help”



  1. Battz says:

    100% agree with you about Abe Lincoln. My expectations are crumbling… They are turning it into some block-buster action flick… Abraham Lincoln didn’t engage in the Civil War, he only got shot at while visiting a fort! EXPLODING TREES… Come on!

    It was a great book, and I feel like it could have been translated more effectively than these trailers are leading on…

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