Episode #44 – “The Grey”

Is “The Grey” just “Taken” with wolves? Liam Neeson mowing down wolf after mangy wolf because they took his daughter to sell in a wolf sex ring? No, it most definitely is not that. What “The Grey” turns out to be is a film about faith, life, and mustering up the will to survive. Liam Neeson brings a great performance to the table, something Matt and Justin discuss in this week’s episode. In addition to the main review, they discuss what they’ve been watching, including “Luck” and “Portlandia”, and move on to talk about the highly anticipated Super Bowl ads.

00:00 – What we’ve been watching

10:40 – Super Bowl ads

19:55 – Main review of “The Grey”

34:26 – Spoilers section of “The Grey”



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