Episode #41 – “The Artist”

Let’s take a trip back to a time before the Internet, cell phones, and floppy disks. Let’s go all the way back to a time when black and white silent films were the bleeding edge of technology. What would happen if a film like that was released today, among the “Avatars” and “Transformers” we’re used to seeing? Well, we would end up with “The Artist”, a black and white film with no sound other than some wonderful music. How did we like hopping into this film time machine? Tune in to find out! As always, we also discuss what we’ve been watching, including “Top Shot” and “Angry Boys”, and we move on to discuss our listener’s most anticipated films of 2012.

00:00 – What we’ve been watching

10:47 – Listener’s most anticipated films of 2012

20:45 – Main review of “The Artist”

41:50 – Spoilers section of “The Artist”


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