Episode #38 – “The Muppets”

They’re back! They’re back! It’s time to meet the Muppets once again! If you’re anything like Matt or Justin, seeing “The Muppets” was a trip down memory lane. But was nostalgia enough to make “The Muppets” a great film (basically, did it do what “Super 8” failed at)? Tune in to find out. Along with the main review of “The Muppets”, Matt and Justin discuss what they’ve been watching, including “The New Girl” and “Due Date” and also discuss the newest trailer for “The Hunger Games” (trailer embedded below).

00:00 – What we’ve been watching

08:30 – “The Hunger Games” trailer discussion

17:50 – Main review of “The Muppets”

37:48 – Spoilers section of “The Muppets”

“The Hunger Games” trailer:




  1. Battz says:

    Do you guys watch Walking Dead? Have you ever talked about it?

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