Episode #242 – “Coco” & “Lady Bird”

Coco Bird

We’re back with a double episode! This week, we’re tackling Pixar’s newest film, “Coco”…it’s all about the Day of the Dead and not forgetting the family members who came before you. Is this film another home run for Pixar? Or is it a rare miss? Tune in to find out! We also review “Lady Bird”…yes, that movie that (until recently) had a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. We all know how skewed Rotten Tomatoes can be (check out Justin’s RT article) so how does “Lady Bird” actually stack up? Putting it bluntly…”Edge of Seventeen” did “Lady Bird” a lot better than “Lady Bird” did “Lady Bird”.

00:00 – Main review of “Coco”

16:25 – Spoilers for “Coco”

20:21 – Review of “Lady Bird”


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