Episode #199 – “Star Trek Beyond” & “Jason Bourne”

Star Trek Bourne

Bring on the sequels! This week we’re tackling two, count em two sequels to big action franchises. “Star Trek Beyond” looks to redeem the franchise after the much-maligned “Star Trek Into Darkness”…does the film pull it off? Without Benedict Cumberbatch, that’s a tall order! And Bourne is back! Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass return for another film about the forgetful superspy. This time he remembers everything…except he doesn’t. Tune in as we review both of these films!

06:25 – Main review of “Star Trek Beyond”

21:09 – Spoilers for “Star Trek Beyond”

33:16 – Main review of “Jason Bourne”

49:35 – Spoilers for “Jason Bourne”


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