Episode #196 – “Independence Day: Resurgence”

Independence Day Resurgence

It’s been 20 years since Jeff Goldblum gave a computer virus to an alien spacecraft, which means it’s time to revive the franchise! “Independence Day: Resurgence” is here and boy is it loud and dumb. Was there anything of value to be found in this disaster flick? Tune in to find out! We also talk about what we’ve been watching, including “The Lobster” and “The Shallows”, and move on to discuss the awesome season 6 finale of “Game of Thrones”!

**Apologies for the sound quality…we are investigating and working to fix the issue**

00:00 – What we’ve been watching

09:25 – “Game of Thrones” finale

17:55 – Review of “Independence Day: Resurgence”


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