Episode #191 – “Everybody Wants Some!!”

Everybody Wants Some!!

It’s time to bro out on the podcast! That’s because we tackle Richard Linklater’s newest film, “Everybody Wants Some!!” We’re thrown into the crazy world of college debauchery in the magical year of 1980. The music is incredible, the clothes are fantastic, but does that equal an amazing film? We discuss in great detail, so tune in! We also talk about what we’ve been watching, including “Dice” and “99 Homes”,¬†and geek out over the season 6 premiere of “Game of Thrones”. It’s a great episode!

00:00 – What we’ve been watching

15:49 – A spoilery discussion of the “Game of Thrones” premiere

24:11 – Main review of “Everybody Wants Some!!”

51:35 – Spoilers for “Everybody Wants Some!!”


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  1. Ryan says:

    It is a very enterttaining party style film. I watched it twice back to back when I first saw it. If you enjoyed dazed and confused you will enjoy this. The chicks are hot, the guys are cool, and everyones funny.

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