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Quick Review – “Hocus Pocus”

The ultimate Halloween film of my generation. Watching it as an adult provides even more laughs…plus it has a kick-ass musical number. Recommendation: See it!

Quick Review – “Trick ‘r Treat”

With a story that plays out like “Pulp Fiction”, “Trick ‘r Treat” is a horror anthology all Halloween lovers should check out. Recommendation: See it.

Quick Review – “Ed Wood”

Probably my favorite Tim Burton film, “Ed Wood” is a bizarrely charming look into the life of the worst director in film history. Recommendation: See it! (Great Halloween flick!)

Quick Review – “Public Enemies”

I literally booed after this film ended…I was the only one in the room. Not one redeeming aspect I can remember. Recommendation: Please do not see this film.

Quick Review – “Lord of War”

Nicholas Cage (before he became an internet meme) in a film that gives an astounding look into the gun trade and its repercussions on a gun-runners life. Recommendation: See it.

Quick Review – “Lake Placid”

More of a black comedy than a horror film…plus Betty White, Oliver Platt, and Bill Pullman are in it! Recommendation: See it.

Quick Review: “Contagion”

Suffers from slow pacing and plot points that you end up not caring about: Skip it.

Movie Review: “The Amazing Spider-Man”

  Since I am leaving for my Asian adventures on Thursday, I will not be able to join Galo in the podcast later this week for The Amazing Spider-Man. I […]

Quick Review: The Vow

Despite a surprisingly good performance by C-Tates and an engaging storyline, the movie stumbles in the final act. If you are a fan of “The Notebook” I say rent it.

Interpreting RottenTomatoes: What the Rating Truly Indicates

Will great reviews of a movie strengthen my resolve to see a film? Of course it will. Will I have higher expectations for that movie? Hell yes. Is this fair […]

Quick Review: “The Guard”

Brendan Gleeson shines as an unorthodox Irish policeman in this funny and very dark foreign comedy. See it.

Quick Review: “Gamer”

  We’re starting a new series here at Two Guys, One Movie: The Quick Review. It will consist of no more than one sentence, giving you all the information you […]

How Do Critic Reviews Influence Your Movie-Going Experience?

As a cinephile, I am always intrigued by the film reviews of critics and friends alike. Prior to the release of almost any film, I find myself constantly referring to Rottentomatoes (RT) to […]

“Invading Your Ears for Over a Year” Giveaway Winner!

We have chosen a winner for our giveaway! We wish all of could have won but, well, life is tough sometimes so deal with it. The winner was chosen at […]

Two Guys, One Movie – ‘Invading Your Ears for Over a Year’ Giveaway!

Can you believe it? Two Guys, One Movie has been on the interwebs for an entire year! We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve seen “Transformers: Dark of the Moon”. It’s been […]

Editorial – Which Nic Cage Film was Better: The Rock or Face/Off?

Recently, HBO has been playing Face/Off and as a huge fan of Nic Cage and the movie, I cannot help but watch it every time it’s on. A couple days […]

Editorial: The Theater-going Experience is Broken

The movie theater.  A once beautiful place to see a film is now nothing more than an aneurysm waiting to happen. Allow me to paint you a picture:

Editorial – 1994: The Best Year for Movies Ever?

I was doing my standard internet trolling when I stumbled upon an IMDb link that my good friend Chris had posted. The link describes the most popular feature films released […]

Trailer of the Week – “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2”


Trailer of the Week: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

So yeah…this is a Red Band trailer that someone videotaped in a theater. But it’s so very cool I thought it should be posted. Now, to be honest, the trailer […]

Trailer of the Week – “The Adventures of Tintin”

Ok, so this is more of a Teaser Trailer of the Week…either way, I really enjoyed the teaser for “The Adventures of Tintin”. After watching this trailer, I was filled […]

Trailer of the Week – “Green Lantern”

The first trailer for Martin Campbell’s “Green Lantern” was met with so much hate that Warner Brothers didn’t release another shred of marketing until Wonder Con ’11. There, they unleashed […]

Trailer of the Week – “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2”

What can I say about this trailer? The Harry Potter films always have stunning trailers, even though they don’t really need them. There’s enough fans out there who would see […]

Trailer of the Week – “Cowboys & Aliens”

I bet some of you predicted this would be the TotW this week. I wasn’t so sure after watching the trailer for “Cowboys and Aliens” for the first time. It […]

Movie Review: “Arthur”

Last week Galo and I attended the red carpet premiere of the remake of  Arthur in the famous Ziegfeld Theater in NYC (special thanks to Caitlin, Galo’s girlfriend for the tickets).  For […]

Trailer of the Week – “Hesher”

What do you get when you mix Joseph Gordon-Levitt with Metallica? Why, you get the Trailer of the Week! “Hesher” looks to be a crazy-ass film about a young boy […]

Trailer of the Week – “The Hangover Part II”

So this week’s TotW is a good example of showing what the movie is going to be about but not giving away much of anything at all. That being said, […]

Trailer of the Week – “Captain America: The First Avenger”

Finally! I have been looking forward to this trailer for a long time. The Super Bowl footage from “Captain America: The First Avenger” looked great; it left me wanting more. […]

Trailer of the Week: “X-Men: First Class”

This week’s Trailer of the Week is not the newest trailer on the block but it sure is a fascinating one. I had actually forgotten about the trailer for “X-Men: […]

Trailer of the Week – “Super 8”

Another installment of Trailer of the Week? Yes! We’ll be doing this weekly, if you couldn’t gather that. Last week we had a very small budget film featured as the […]

Trailer of the Week – “Rubber”

And we’re back with the Trailer of the Week for…um, this week. Every day, dozens of trailers premier and it’s up to me to wade through some of the most horribly cut-together […]

Oldies But Goodies: Why Young People Should Watch Old Movies

As a 23-year-old self-proclaimed movie fanboy, I often talk with my peers about their favorite movies.  After a while, I realized I was basically able to predict what someone’s favorite […]

Trailer of the Week – “Win Win”

So I figured Two Guys, One Movie would start a little “trailer of the week” post since I love watching movie trailers. There is something about them that is so […]

83rd Annual Academy Awards are this weekend – Get your ballot!

It’s that time of year again; the Oscars are upon us. All of the other awards and shows have come and gone and the only one left is the ultimate. […]