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Episode #16 – “Bridesmaids”

WE DID NOT LIKE THIS FUCKING MOVIE. Ahem…that being said, tune in for a great episode of Two Guys, One Movie! Justin and Matt discuss what they’ve been watching, including […]

Trailer of the Week – “The Adventures of Tintin”

Ok, so this is more of a Teaser Trailer of the Week…either way, I really enjoyed the teaser for “The Adventures of Tintin”. After watching this trailer, I was filled […]

Episode #15 – “Thor”

By the hammer of Thor, you should listen to this episode! Matt and Justin got into a private screening of Marvel’s newest addition to “The Avengers” franchise and lived to […]

Trailer of the Week – “Green Lantern”

The first trailer for Martin Campbell’s “Green Lantern” was met with so much hate that Warner Brothers didn’t release another shred of marketing until Wonder Con ’11. There, they unleashed […]

Episode #14 – “Fast Five”

How? How did Justin and Matt talk about “Fast Five” for 40 minutes? You’d be surprised how much one can talk about Dwayne Johnson sweating. The podcast is a little […]

Trailer of the Week – “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2”

What can I say about this trailer? The Harry Potter films always have stunning trailers, even though they don’t really need them. There’s enough fans out there who would see […]

Episode #13 – “Scream 4”

The time has come. It has been eleven years since the last installment in the “Scream” franchise. “Scream 4” had us all excited to see the movie. What did we […]

Trailer of the Week – “Cowboys & Aliens”

I bet some of you predicted this would be the TotW this week. I wasn’t so sure after watching the trailer for “Cowboys and Aliens” for the first time. It […]

Episode #12 – “Hanna”

We’re back with another episode of Two Guys, One Movie. You’ll notice this podcast is a little bit longer than usual and we can go ahead and blame segment two […]

Trailer of the Week – “Hesher”

What do you get when you mix Joseph Gordon-Levitt with Metallica? Why, you get the Trailer of the Week! “Hesher” looks to be a crazy-ass film about a young boy […]