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Episode #16 – “Bridesmaids”

WE DID NOT LIKE THIS FUCKING MOVIE. Ahem…that being said, tune in for a great episode of Two Guys, One Movie! Justin and Matt discuss what they’ve been watching, including […]

Episode #15 – “Thor”

By the hammer of Thor, you should listen to this episode! Matt and Justin got into a private screening of Marvel’s newest addition to “The Avengers” franchise and lived to […]

Episode #14 – “Fast Five”

How? How did Justin and Matt talk about “Fast Five” for 40 minutes? You’d be surprised how much one can talk about Dwayne Johnson sweating. The podcast is a little […]

Episode #13 – “Scream 4”

The time has come. It has been eleven years since the last installment in the “Scream” franchise. “Scream 4” had us all excited to see the movie. What did we […]

Movie Review: “Arthur”

Last week Galo and I attended the red carpet premiere of the remake of  Arthur in the famous Ziegfeld Theater in NYC (special thanks to Caitlin, Galo’s girlfriend for the tickets).  For […]

Episode #12 – “Hanna”

We’re back with another episode of Two Guys, One Movie. You’ll notice this podcast is a little bit longer than usual and we can go ahead and blame segment two […]

Episode #11 – “Source Code”

We’re back this week with a doozy of an episode. I see a trend here, don’t you? With each episode, the quality just shoots up! This week on the show, […]

Episode #10 – “The Lincoln Lawyer”

We are back with another excellent episode of Two Guys, One Movie podcast. This week, Justin and Matt talk discuss “A Fish Called Wanda” and “Community” (again) in section one, […]

Episode #9 – “Limitless”

Well, if I were you, I would give this podcast a listen. Justin and Matt can’t agree about anything in this episode, it’s actually kind of amusing! Between Zack Snyder […]

Episode #8 – “The Adjustment Bureau”

On this week’s episode of Two Guys, One Movie, Matt and Justin review “The Adjustment Bureau”, starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt. In addition to the review, the two guys […]