83rd Annual Academy Awards are this weekend – Get your ballot!

It’s that time of year again; the Oscars are upon us. All of the other awards and shows have come and gone and the only one left is the ultimate. Every year I like to sit down with my Oscar ballot and make little check marks next to the names I chose correctly. It’s a little tradition and I would like to provide you with the ballot, too!

Oscar Ballot

Pretty self explanatory…much easier than voting in Florida. I may even join a pool this year to win a little cash…this site isn’t free, after all.

So, who will you choose? Colin Firth for Best Actor? Or will Jeff Bridges win two-in-a-row?

And sure, I’m pulling for Geoffrey Rush but everyone knows Christian Bale is a shoe-in. Best Actress should be interesting; Natalie Portman is the favorite (deservedly so) but Annette Bening has been picking up steam, making the talk show rounds. Focus Features (disclosure: my current employer) is very good at campaigning for their actors. For example, in 2009 everyone thought Mickey Rourke was going to win for “The Wrestler”, but Sean Penn swooped in and won for his role as Harvey Milk. Focus knows how to play the game, so Ms. Portman better watch out.

Speaking of actresses, I would love to see Hailee Steinfeld win Best Supporting Actress for her turn in “True Grit”, but she has some serious competition in the form of Melissa Leo. Leo played Alice Ward in “The Fighter” and adeptly handled the Boston accent. She did a fantastic job and a win for her would not be a surprise.

What about Best Picture? I am going to keep it short and sweet. “The King’s Speech” is the best film of the year. If “The Social Network” wins Best Picture, it’s because the Academy wants to look all hip and cool by picking the Facebook movie as the winner. “Oh, we’ll get the youngsters to watch if we give it to ‘The Social Network'”, says the aging voter.

So yes, definitely tune-in to the 83rd Academy Awards, if not for the actual awards then for James Franco and Anne Hathaway, who should be a dynamic duo on stage. (See what I did there? Dynamic Duo is from Batman. Hathaway is going to be Catwoman in the newest Nolan Bat-flick. Heh.)


  1. justindubin says:

    If the academy wants to get it right this year, Justin Beiber’s “Never Say Never” should sweep all the categories.

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