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2014 Oscars Special!

It’s time for our huge OSCARS episode! Tune in as we weigh in on the biggest categories for Sundays night’s Academy Awards!

Episode #123 – “Robocop”

We’ve finally gotten around to reviewing “Robocop”, the remake of the 1987 cult classic. This film had a lot of stuff working against it, mainly public opinion. On-set images had […]

Episode #122 – “The LEGO Movie”

I never thought we’d say this, but we loved “The LEGO Movie”. A film born out of corporate greed (maybe), “The LEGO Movie” ends up being a touching and funny […]

Episode #121 – “The Monuments Men”

Guess what? This is the most NEGATIVE episode we’ve ever recorded! We hated hated hated almost everything we talked about. But, sometimes that can be fun, right? We get angry […]

Episode #120 – “Nebraska”

This week we make the trip to “Nebraska” to see how Alexander Payne’s latest film holds up against all the other Oscar contenders. Bruce Dern and Will Forte headline this […]