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Episode #94 – “Star Trek Into Darkness”, “The Hangover Part III”, “Fast & Furious 6”

The best part about this triple review? I never have to talk about “The Hangover” series again. 00:00 – “Star Trek Into Darkness” review 17:30 – “Star Trek Into Darkness” […]

Episode #93 – “The Great Gatsby”

It seems as though Leonardo DiCaprio was born to play the part of Jay Gatsby. When he was cast in Baz Luhrmann’s retelling of the classic story, we collectively thought, […]

Episode #92 – “Iron Man 3”

Marvel’s “Phase 2” has begun! “Iron Man 3” is here to kick off the race towards the second “Avengers” film…is it any good? Well, tune in to find out! We […]

Episode #91 – “Pain and Gain”

The first trailer for Michael Bay’s “Pain and Gain” left people in awe. Audiences didn’t know what to expect. Was the film a comedy? Was it an action film? “Pain […]