Archives for February, 2013

Special Episode – Let’s Talk Oscar!

The Oscars are in two days! Get prepared by listening to your two favorite podcasters talks about the seven big categories everyone will have their eyes on. We discuss our […]

Episode #84 – “A Good Day to Die Hard”

John McClane is back! He’s not better than ever but he is most definitely back! This installment of the “Die Hard” franchise trades Nakatomi Plaza for Mother Russia and never […]

Episode #83 – “Identity Thief”

So we’ve had a tough few weeks here at Two Guys, One Movie…”Hansel & Gretel”…”Warm Bodies”…but little did we know the depths the film industry could go. Our “Identity Thief” […]

Episode #82 – “Warm Bodies”

This week on the show we talk about whether “Warm Bodies” is worth seeing or if it’s dead on arrival. *Rimshot* Was this movie more “Twilight” than “Walking Dead”? Or […]