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Episode #58 – “Men In Black 3”

The sequel no one wanted. “Men In Black 2” came out ten years ago. The franchise was mostly forgotten after that lackluster sophomore effort but no! Somewhere, Will Smith was […]

Episode #57 – “The Dictator” and “Battleship”

This week we reviewed both “The Dictator” and “Battleship”. God have mercy on our souls. We also talked about what we’ve been watching, including “Girls” and “Carnage”. Tune in! 00:00 […]

Quick Review: “Gamer”

  We’re starting a new series here at Two Guys, One Movie: The Quick Review. It will consist of no more than one sentence, giving you all the information you […]

Episode #56 – “Dark Shadows”

This week Two Guys, One Movie is taking a look at “Dark Shadows”, the newest Tim Burton/Johnny Depp collaboration. Based on the classic(?) soap-opera of the same name, “Dark Shadows” […]

Episode #55 – “The Avengers”

People said Marvel couldn’t pull it off. They said there was no way to bring together so many different elements into one movie. Marvel was playing the long game with […]