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How Do Critic Reviews Influence Your Movie-Going Experience?

As a cinephile, I am always intrigued by the film reviews of critics and friends alike. Prior to the release of almost any film, I find myself constantly referring to Rottentomatoes (RT) to […]

Episode #51 – “The Hunger Games”

Happy Hunger Games! The worldwide phenomenon has finally hit the silver screen! Both die-hard fans and the uninitiated showed up in droves this weekend, making “The Hunger Games” the 3rd biggest opening […]

Episode #50 – “21 Jump Street”

Throwback to the 80s! Well, sort of. This week Two Guys reviews “21 Jump Street”, a feature film based on the 80s television series starring Johnny Depp. Has this whole […]

Episode #49 – “The Lorax”

We’re Two Guys, and we speak for the movies. And this week we’re speaking for “The Lorax”, starring Danny DeVito, Ed Helms, Zac Efron, and Taylor Swift. How did we […]