Archives for October, 2011

Episode #35 – “Footloose”

Get ready to kick off your Sunday shoes for this week’s Two Guys, One Movie because Justin and Matt review “Footloose”, and not the Kevin Bacon one. Did it disappoint? […]

Editorial – Which Nic Cage Film was Better: The Rock or Face/Off?

Recently, HBO has been playing Face/Off and as a huge fan of Nic Cage and the movie, I cannot help but watch it every time it’s on. A couple days […]

Episode #34 – “Real Steel”

Is Hugh Jackman’s “Real Steel” just a big-screen take on Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots? Or is it the robot film the terrible “Transformers” franchise should have been? Find out […]

Episode #33 – “50/50”

Ready for another episode? Well I hope you are because this one’s a doozy. Matt and Justin talk the Holocaust, cancer…and “Arrested Development”. That’s right, besides reviewing “50/50” this week, […]